The Café Femenino Foundation is a non-profit organization working to enhance the lives of women and families in coffee producing communities by providing grants and support to worthy programs and projects. Donations are an integral part of our success.

We appreciate your interest in the grants available for sponsorship and welcome your contribution to making a difference in the lives of women and their families.


Grant # Country/Community Grant Description Amount Flyer


Peru - Kañaris

Clean Water Project for Preschool Children $3,500 Flyer
2015-05  FUNDED by Grounds For Change

Peru - San Juan Bautista

Clean Water Project for Preschool Children

$3,500 Flyer
2015-16 A  FUNDED by UP Coffee Roasters

Peru - Asproagro - Lambayeque Chinama & Naranjo
Wet Mill & Drying Patio (solar dryers) $2,500 Flyer
2015-21   FUNDED by Coffee Holding Co., OPTCO and David Gordan

Peru - Corral de Piedra

Community Wet Mill & Solar Dryer


Coffee Talk Article




Peru - Coffee Producers & Coffee Producer Organizations

Coffee Cantata - A Tribute to Garth Smith $11,500 Flyer
2015-24  FUNDED by Cafe Femenino Foundation

Peru - Cajamarca & Amazonas
Weaving & Embroidery Workshops $3,550 Flyer
2015-25 FUNDED by Utah State University:Center for Civic Engagement & Service-Learning, and Caffe Ibis.

Peru - Chinama, Murojaga, Huacapampa, Pan de Azucar, San Antonio & Le Ron
School "Greenhouse" Gardens $3,550 Flyer
2015-26  FUNDED by Jasper Coffee

Peru - Caracha - Sales district; Lambayeque Region
Café Femenino House - Caracha $3,550 Flyer

 FUNDED by Cafe Femenino Foundation

Peru - North East Peru Coffee-Producing Communities

Quinoa-Amaranth Cultivation and Meal Preparation w/grains Workshop $4,025 Flyer
2015-31   FUNDED by Kaladi Coffee

Indonesia - Sumatra
Leadership Training & Workshop For Women of the Gayo Coffee Cooperative $3,000 Flyer
2015-32   FUNDED by Allegro Coffee

Indonesia - Aceh, Sumatra
Early Education Centers $10,000 Flyer


Dominican Republic - San Cristóbal

The Back to Organic Project - Polo Coffee Cooperative $4,965 Flyer
2015-37  FUNDED by Cafe Femenino Foundation

Peru - Vallarumi
Education Pilot $3,450 Flyer Coming Soon
2015-39  FUNDED by Red Rock Roasters, Mothership Roasters in Las Vegas, and Andrew Gibbon.

Peru - Roblepampa
Education Pilot $2,875 Flyer Coming Soon
2015-41  FUNDED by Cafe Femenino Foundation

Peru - Huacapampa-Kanaris
Education Pilot $1,725 Flyer Coming Soon
2015-43  ADOPTED by CUP for Education

Guatemala - Nahuala
Librarian Salary   $4,600 Flyer


Guatemala - Nahuala

Library Sustainability Project $3,450 Flyer
2015-46  FUNDED by Cafe Femenino Foundation

Guatemala - Asobagri
Food Security   $3,450 Flyer Coming Soon


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